Biman News

Biman Bangladesh Airlines operated a rescue ferry flight on 31st Jamuary 2020 which departed to China, Wuhan, Tianhe Airport at 05.50 PM (BG7001)

The flight (BG7002) returned to HSIA at 11.53 AM on 01 February 2020.

A total of 316 persons of them adults 301(including four doctors) child 12 and infant 03 as passengers.

After disembarkation of all passenger, Biman officials and crews, the disposable waste item were removed from the aircraft and disposed as per procedure of WHO. The passerngers were handled by CDC/IEDCR as per WHO guideline.

The aircraft was also cleaned & disinfected by ICAO Anex-6 and 9 (Procedure laiddown by WHO).