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Biman Bangladesh Airlines - The national flag carrier of Bangladesh

About Biman

Biman Bangladesh Airlines, popularly known as Biman, is the national airlines of Bangladesh. Through a Presidential Order, Biman began its journey on January 04, 1972 as the national flag carrier of the war torn country. The day was less than a month after Bangladesh achieved independence through a bloody nine-month long liberation war.

Biman is a unique airline, born with no aircraft. All it had-- 2400 trained manpower.

Biman operated its first domestic flight on 07 March, 1972 from Dhaka to Chattogram. Interestingly, before starting domestic operation, Biman operated its first international flight in London- Dhaka sector on 04 March 1972 with a chartered aircraft from British Caledonian.

Biman, a member of IATA, currently connects Bangladesh with 15 key cities around the world along with a well-knit domestic network of seven destinations with a fleet of 12 aircraft.

Biman was incorporated as a Public Limited Company (PLC) in 2007. As a part of fleet modernization and as a part of the commitment to provide customers with highest standards of comfort and reliability, Biman contracted with Boeing Co. USA for 10 modern aircraft in 2008. Among these aircraft, four 777-300ER and two 737-800 have already joined the fleet. Four 787-8 Dreamliner aircraft will join the fleet in phases in 2018 and 2019.

Biman aims to ensure that its passengers’ in-flight experience is as enjoyable and as comfortable as possible. The influence of traditional Bengali hospitality can be the felt and noticed on each Biman flight through the personalized service and attention to detail, provided by dedicated and professional cabin staff.

Being the national flag carrier, Biman is proud to be the most prominent and conspicuous brand ambassador for Bangladesh. The tail insignia of the airline signifies its pride, the values and the ideals that the nation cherishes. Biman is committed to keep the honour of the nation high.

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